The Center for Constitutional Rights poster had a dramatic role in bringing attention to their efforts to have Haitian war criminal "Toto" Constant brought to justice. Several groups, including Human Rights Watch and WNYC, posted the image on their websites, and at least one local Haitian newspaper printed it in its pages as a public service advertisement. Newsday and the Daily News also featured the poster in articles about the press conference announcing the campaign, and The Atlantic recently reprinted the poster in an article about Constant. Over 1,000 posters were put in public places by local community groups serving New York City's Haitian communities. The posters were also used in two public demonstrations so far, and were posted in Haiti itself. As one leader of the Haitian community put it: "This is a first for our people. We have never had a poster like this before."

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The Atlantic – June 2001
Haiti Progrès – December 19, 2000

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